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Welcome to Waterstone's Groton, CT Center

Our Groton, CT facility is located at 317 Long Hill Road, Groton, Connecticut. In conformance with our basic mission, we have structured the Groton facility to provide inviting counseling spaces and an overall environment that is conducive to healing and renewal. In tandem with our credentialed and caring staff who remain available to administer a custom tailored program that is specific to your needs, this allows us to foster an even deeper level of individualized care, and to retain a commitment to our unique "whole-person treatment" philosophy.
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The gold-standard for care in treating opiate addiction is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Waterstone Centers has combined this standard of care with the philosophy of our organization which has resulted in compassionate and cutting-edge treatment available to anyone in need. Our “Fresh Start MAT Program” is unique in that it offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary and fully immersive recovery treatment with the flexibility of an outpatient setting. This allows our clients to address their life responsibilities such as employment and childcare while receiving the best possible care. We apply goal-oriented and integrated psychotherapy with the aim of helping our clients create sustainable change from all addictions and any co-occurring mental health issues that may be present. Our multidisciplinary team of highly trained physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, patient coordinators and case managers collaborate in an integrated fashion to provide our clients with the comprehensive care that is required to achieve stabilization in early remission and then long-term recovery. Because opiate addiction is life threatening, chronic, and resilient, our model is designed uniquely to provide as much access to services as is possible in an outpatient setting including: ongoing group and/or individual psychotherapy, regular meetings with the prescribing physician, medication monitoring, access to specialty trauma therapy, and weekly urinalysis.

(959) 201-6639
317 Long Hill Rd
Groton, CT 06340

Service Region

Waterstone Centers serve Central, Coastal & Southern Connecticut.
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We are unique in our capacity to develop individualized substance use therapy that combines proven cutting-edge medicine with professional, compassionate psychotherapy in a welcoming environment. We are employing telemedicine for safety during the COVID-19 crisis.



Medication-assisted addiction therapy (MAT) strategies have been demonstrated to be more effective than therapy-alone and medication-alone strategies to treat addiction by a growing body of empirical evidence. Our approach is evidence-based and  highly flexible for custom tailored care.


LONG-TERM  Outcomes

Our highly personalized MAT program is designed to tailor the best treatment option in a healing environment that is conducive to providing our clients long term success. Our emphasis on whole-person healing is reflected in our home-like environments and  staff-client relations.



It is our philosophy that every individual is unique and has unique challenges. Our clinicians and counselors believe firmly in what they do, but mostly they believe that our programs work. We do not simply deploy clinical protocols to our clients, we provide individualized caring solutions.