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The Fresh Start MAT Model

We seek to create an atmosphere of trust, respect, compassion, and reliability with each client we care for in our treatment program. We believe in small acts of kindness. Each person presents with unique challenges and life stories. We take the time to decide when to make treatment program guideline exceptions, giving our clients the benefit of the doubt. We facilitate motivation though “holding the hope” for our clients when they are dealing with setbacks, an inevitable part of the recovery process.
We use best practices such as Motivational Interviewing, Person-Centered Recovery Planning, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatments like Suboxone to address the individualized complexities of a client’s addiction. All these practices are evidence-based and backed by the most current research. They are easily adapted to fit a client’s needs and align with other effective peer-support programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery. At Waterstone, each client is assigned a treatment team to provide multidisciplinary addiction care and treat mental health issues if necessary. Our model is unique in that we offer weekly medication management and support from both therapist and prescribing physician but more importantly because we are able to provide individualized and person-centered care which results in quicker response to client difficulties, better treatment outcomes and change that is sustainable long-term.  Our end goal is total recovery and therefore we support the pursuit of new life goals as a core part of long-term recovery and development of positive social support systems.

5 Core Principles of The Fresh Start Program


Provide an effective, non-judgemental opiate addiction treatment using a state-of-the-art treatment model which includes: frequent medication management opportunities and long-term person-centered therapy.


Offer highest quality services available in a highly compassionate, dignified, and safe environment.


Offer those services to all major insurances including Medicaid.


Facilitate access to services quickly and without delay.


Help any individual seeking treatment for addiction to heal, grow and self-actualize through goal-oriented treatment and individualized care.

Service Region

Waterstone serves Central, Coastal & Southern regions of Connecticut.
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We are unique in our capacity to develop individualized substance use therapy that combines proven cutting-edge medicine with professional, compassionate psychotherapy in a welcoming environment. We are employing telemedicine for safety during the COVID-19 crisis.



Medication-assisted addiction therapy (MAT) strategies have been demonstrated to be more effective than therapy-alone and medication-alone strategies to treat addiction by a growing body of empirical evidence. Our approach is evidence-based and  highly flexible for custom tailored care.


LONG-TERM  Outcomes

Our highly personalized MAT program is designed to tailor the best treatment option in a healing environment that is conducive to providing our clients long term success. Our emphasis on whole-person healing is reflected in our home-like environments and  staff-client relations.



It is our philosophy that every individual is unique and has unique challenges. Our clinicians and counselors believe firmly in what they do, but mostly they believe that our programs work. We do not simply deploy clinical protocols to our clients, we provide individualized caring solutions.