Community Psychotherapy Services

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Dear Waterstone Community,

As you know, the ongoing Coronavirus crisis is causing patients, colleagues and friends incredible hardship and stress. As we all continue to battle this unprecedented situation, there is certain to be a growing need for counseling and supportive services in our community that can be remotely and easily accessed. If you or anyone you know is feeling the need for some extra support, we would like to invite you to call our office at 203.245.0412 to confidentially set up a remote Telehealth counseling session with one of our therapists. For anyone without insurance, or experiencing financial hardship, we would like to offer this service free of charge. In addition, if you are a first responder of any kind such as the Police, Fire Department or EMS, or you are a healthcare or municipality worker, we would also like to offer you and your family priority access to our free counseling services as you are so vital to getting all of us through this difficult time. Please reach out if you need us. We are here to help!

Integrated Psychotherapy Services

“Motivational Interviewing is not a collection of techniques, it is a way of being with a client “
William R. Milller and Stephen Rollnick
Waterstone Counseling Centers' integrated psychotherapy services are comprehensive and available to individuals and families independent of addiction treatment. Our unique methodology considers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to be an important component of whole-person treatment modalities for addicted individuals. That same compassionate whole-person treatment philosophy guides the complete suite of services that we also provide for non addictive disorders.

Evidence-based psychotherapy services are addressed to Addictive Disorders, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Trauma (PTSD), Personality Disorders, Marital Problems, Adolescent Issues, Family Counseling, Specialty Trauma Therapies and much more. Our credentialed staff of counselors utilize a professional repertoire of approaches, including Person-Centered Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Holistic and Healing Centered Techniques. It is part of our basic mission to provide individualized compassionate care in emotionally nourishing spaces.

Richard Goulding, MD

Thomas Abbenante, MD

Marc Bono, Psy.D

Service Region

Waterstone Counseling Centers serve New London, New Haven and Middlesex Counties, Connecticut. The medication component of our MAT program requires a regional service area, however, our unique Integrated Psychotherapy services are available to a non-local community through telehealth solutions and our interactive education platform.

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HELP Is On The Way

We are unique in our capacity to develop individualized substance use therapy that combines proven cutting-edge medicine with professional, compassionate psychotherapy in a welcoming environment. We are employing telemedicine for safety during the COVID-19 crisis.



Medication-assisted addiction therapy (MAT) strategies have been demonstrated to be more effective than therapy-alone and medication-alone strategies to treat addiction by a growing body of empirical evidence. Our approach is evidence-based and  highly flexible for custom tailored care.


LONG-TERM  Outcomes

Our highly personalized MAT program is designed to tailor the best treatment option in a healing environment that is conducive to providing our clients long term success. Our emphasis on whole-person healing is reflected in our home-like environments and  staff-client relations.



It is our philosophy that every individual is unique and has unique challenges. Our clinicians and counselors believe firmly in what they do, but mostly they believe that our programs work. We do not simply deploy clinical protocols to our clients, we provide individualized caring solutions.