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Welcome to Waterstone Counseling Centers

Compassion. Hope. Trust. Respect. Strength. Recovery

Our staff of compassionate and licensed professionals are on hand to care for your individual counseling needs and goals to address a variety of issues including anxiety, depression or substance use. We incorporate best clinical practices, expert treatment knowledge and a thorough understanding of the overwhelming factors individuals face during treatment. We understand that finding the right therapist or treatment center can be difficult. At Waterstone, everyone who reaches out to us is valued and made to feel safe during initial inquiry.  We ensure that each potential client understands all the counseling or recovery options open to them, and we determine if and how our multidisciplinary program may be the best fit for their individual goals.

Integrated Psychotherapy Services

“Motivational Interviewing is not a collection of techniques, it is a way of being with a client “
William R. Milller and Stephen Rollnick
Evidence-based psychotherapy services are addressed to Addictive Disorders, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Trauma (PTSD), Personality Disorders, Marital Problems, Adolescent Issues, Family Counseling, Specialty Trauma Therapies and much more. Our credentialed staff of counselors utilize a professional repertoire of approaches, including Person-Centered Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Holistic and Healing Centered Techniques. It is part of our basic mission to provide individualized compassionate care in emotionally nourishing spaces.

Waterstone Counseling Centers' integrated psychotherapy services are comprehensive and available to individuals and families independent of addiction treatment. Our unique methodology considers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to be an important component of whole-person treatment modalities for addicted individuals. That same compassionate whole-person treatment philosophy guides the complete suite of services that we also provide for non addictive disorders.

The Fresh Start Treatment Program

The gold-standard for care in treating opiate addiction is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Waterstone Counseling Center has combined this standard of care with the philosophy of our organization which has resulted in compassionate and cutting-edge treatment available to anyone in need. Our “Fresh Start Treatment Program” is unique in that it offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary and fully immersive recovery treatment with the flexibility of an outpatient setting. This allows our clients to address their life responsibilities such as employment and childcare while receiving the best possible care. We apply goal-oriented and integrated psychotherapy with the aim of helping our clients create sustainable change. Our multidisciplinary team of highly trained physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, patient coordinators and case managers collaborate to provide our clients with the comprehensive care that is required to achieve stabilization in early remission and then long-term recovery.

Because opiate addiction is life threatening, chronic, and resilient, our model is designed uniquely to provide as much access to services as is possible in an outpatient setting including: ongoing group and/or individual psychotherapy, regular meetings with the prescribing physician, medication monitoring, access to specialty trauma therapy, and weekly urinalysis.
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Service Region

Waterstone Counseling Centers serve New London, New Haven and Middlesex Counties, Connecticut. WCC facilities are located in New Haven, Madison, and Groton, Connecticut.
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Change Is Possible

We seek to create an atmosphere of trust, respect, compassion, and reliability with each client we care for in our consultation services. Each person is presented with unique challenges and life stories. We are motivated to meet each client exactly where they are and grant them the respect and dignity they deserve.

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